Young Harvests

YH 1

Whether you’ve heard him referred to as “The Greens Guy,” “The Salad Man,” or just Rob, chances are you will recognize him if you’ve been to the Pike or Bethesda markets. Rob Young is the owner of Young Harvests, a farm that specializes in leafy greens such as his famous salad mix, pea shoots, sorrel, arugula, and more. Many people who come to the market head straight to his stand to jump in line for fear their coveted greens will be sold out if they don’t get them quickly!

YH 3

So, why is there so much hype surrounding this burgeoning little business? I believe it has something to do with the amount of time, effort and research that Rob has put into making sure his carefully chosen crops grow successfully. For instance, Rob first feeds the soils food web and uses lots of composting worms to incorporate organic matter into the soil. This enhances nutrient cycling and the development of the soil in the most environmentally sound way. Rob is also always on the search for new seeds and is always open to suggestions to help maintain diversity as the seasons change. This is really his passion; making sure to use as many natural processes as possible to grow and tend to his crops.

YH 2Rob’s farm is on seven acres that he leases from The Claymont Society for Continuous Education – a non-profit organization and intentional community that shares his ideals about sustainable farming and land development. Rob believes that the way to support our environment is by using its resources wisely, maintaining natural processes to provide the best growth and nutrition for plants, which translates into benefits for you.

YH 5Rob lives on the farm with his wife, Annie, and their two-year old daughter, Jovina. He has many helpers on his farm- three of them are residents at Claymont who work on Rob’s farm during the week. The entire farm has an air of family and community. You can tell they all love the land they work and that they want to make sure that people who are eating their produce get the freshest, highest quality greens.

So if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Rob, stop by his tent at Pike Central or Bethesda Central. He and his associates are always ready to chat with you about salad, help you decide on the correct leafy green for any dish, or talk about the farm. Once you taste these greens, you’ll understand why the lines are so long and the loyalty runs so deep at Young Harvests.

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