Getting Around

By Sandra Kay Miller, Painted Hand Farm

As the holiday season approaches and shoppers turn to Central Farm Markets to stock up on ingredients as well as gifts, the question becomes “how do I carry it all?”

Turkeys, roasts, winter squash, bags of fruit, pounds of vegetables, jugs of cider, bottles of wine and bouquets of flowers can’t all fit into a couple of market bags and if you manage to do so, it makes for a difficult trek back to the car.

Here are a few practical ideas for loading up at market:

  1. Bring a cart: many shoppers have already returned to the days when two-wheeled market carts were as common as re-usable cloth bags when heading out to the market. If you happen to be the parent (or grandparent) of a toddler, strollers and wagons double nicely to carry all your market purchases.
  2. Use the market’s Concierge Service: simply leave your bags at the Central Farm Markets Information Tent and when you are ready to leave, let the market workers know. Drive your car to the designated curbside pick-up spot and your bag will be brought to your car.
  3. Ask for help: vendors know that sometimes their products can be heavy. After all, they are the one who have loaded their vehicles! If they are unable to carry your purchases to your vehicle, they will always locate a member of the market staff who can help you.
  4. Make more than one trip to your vehicle: Central Farm Markets takes pride in being located within easy walking distance of public parking at all of our markets so that our customers have better access.
  5. Bring a friend: Central Farm Markets provides a community atmosphere perfect for outings, including tables and chairs, prepared foods, and delicious drinks and music.

These ideas aren’t only for the holidays, but for weekly shopping. We hope you will make our markets central to your weekly shopping.


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