Staying in Touch

We live in a digitally connected world, there’s no doubt about it. Between computers, smartphones and tablets, instant access to information and communication is never far away. Did you know this can work to your advantage when it comes to shopping at Central Farm Markets? In addition to Dishing the Dirt, there is a weekly e-blast alerting shoppers to special happenings, current vendors, what’s in season, chef’s demonstrations, music and children’s events. Sign up for it here or at the main website,

Speaking of the main website, that’s the perfect place to go for a variety of services and information, including:

  • Quick links to Central Farm Markets’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Information about becoming a vendor.
  • Upcoming events
  • Quick links to all three markets
  • A full list of market vendors and sponsors
  • Contact information for the market staff
  • Information regarding market closures during inclement weather

That last bullet point is especially important during the winter months when snow, ice and bitter cold temperatures make conditions dangerous for both customers and vendors.

In addition to staying connected via Central Farm Markets’ digital properties, many of the vendors themselves have websites, email newsletters and social media accounts that will keep customers up-to-date on what’s available, educate people about production practices and offer ideas and offer recipes for their products along with special events announcements.

But information doesn’t only flow one way. Both Central Farm Markets and vendors love to see what our customers are doing with what they purchase at the market so don’t be afraid to use those hashtags.

Keep in touch!


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